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1、 inference 2、 音标:英 ['ɪnf(ə)r(ə)ns] 美 ['ɪnfərəns] 3、 解释: 4、 n. 推理;推论;推断 5、 中文词源: 6、 inference 推论,推理来自infer,推断,推论。 7、 英文词源: 8、 inference (n.) 9、 1590s, from Medieval Latin inferentia, from Latin inferentem (nominative inferens), present participle of inferre (see infer). 10、 双语例句: 11、 1. The inference I've drawn from his lateness is he overslept. 12、 从他来晚我得出的结论是他睡过头了. 13、 来自《简明英汉词典》 14、 2. You seemed to know about this book, and by inference I thought you had read it. 15、 你好像了解这本书, 因此我推断你已读过它了. 16、 来自《简明英汉词典》 17、 3. From his manner, we drew the inference that he was satisfied with the exam. 18、 我们从他的态度来推断,他对这次测验很满意. 19、 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》 20、 4. She talked of divorce but only by inference. 21、 她提到了离婚,但没有明说,只是旁敲侧击. 22、 来自英汉非文学 - 科幻 23、 5. The second objective is to develop the first principles of statistical inference. 24、 这一章的第二个目的是研究统计推断的一些基本原则. 25、 来自辞典例句 26、 更多相关例句: 27、 to draw/make inferences from the data 28、 根据资料推论出结果【牛津词典】 29、 The clear inference is that the universe is expanding. 30、 显然结论是宇宙在扩大。【牛津词典】 31、 If he is guilty then, by inference , so is his wife (= it is logical to think so, from the same evidence) . 32、 如果他有罪,那么由此可以推断他的妻子也同样有罪。【牛津词典】 33、 There were two inferences to be drawn from her letter. 34、 由她的信可以得出两个结论。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 35、 It had an extremely tiny head and, by inference, a tiny brain. 36、 它的头极小,由此推断其脑容量也非常小。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 37、 Traditional inference engine has some problems such as inference inefficient and conflict dispel. 38、 传统的推理方式存在推理效率低和冲突消解问题.【期刊摘选】 39、 You seemed to know about this book, and by inference I thought you had read it. 40、 你好像了解这本书, 因此我推断你已读过它了.【《简明英汉词典》】 41、 For an honorable Buddhist monk, inference or words are useless here. 42、 在一个禅师看来, 一切的推理和言语在此都是无益的.【期刊摘选】 43、 Finally achieve logical inference through racer. 44、 通过racer完成本体逻辑推理任务.【期刊摘选】 45、 This paper deals with the inference for uncertainty of precision instrument. 46、 研究了精密仪器不确定度的推断方法,并提出了建议.【期刊摘选】 47、 Typical moving ground target tracking scenario is analyzed and logic inference is introduced for target tracking. 48、 分析了地面运动目标跟踪的典型场景,采用逻辑推理方法进行目标跟踪.【期刊摘选】 49、 The simulation results show that fuzzy inference system can be successfully applied to noise cancellation. 50、 仿真结果表明模糊推理系统可以应用于噪声消除.【期刊摘选】 51、 The inference process first determines, from the XML document, which elements will be inferred as tables. 52、 推断过程首先从XML文档中确定将哪些元素推断为表.【期刊摘选】 53、 How to test and verify your inference? 54、 怎么样来验证你的推测 呢 ?【期刊摘选】 55、 Is that a fair inference from his statement? 56、 从他的说法中得出这种结论恰当 吗 ?【期刊摘选】 57、 Knowledge representation and inference is an important research area of artificial intelligence. 58、 知识表示及推理是人工智能的重要基础研究领域.【期刊摘选】 59、 Topics include household studies, evaluating correlates of immune protection, and applications of casual inference. 60、 主题包括家庭研究, 评估关联的免疫保护, 休闲和推论的应用.【期刊摘选】 61、 We will emphasize questions of inductive learning and inference and the representation of knowledge. 62、 我们会着重在归纳学习、推断及知识展现的问题研讨.【期刊摘选】 63、 Two methods are proposed : the conditional and non conditional inference techniques. 64、 给出了推断感度分布参数的两种方法: 条件推断与非条件推断方法.【期刊摘选】 65、 The same rules for type inference apply to static methods and instance methods. 66、 相同的类型推理规则也适用于静态方法和实例方法.【期刊摘选】 67、 The inference I've drawn from his lateness is he overslept. 68、 从他来晚我得出的结论是他睡过头了.【《简明英汉词典》】 69、 The process of searching for relevance is one of cognition and inference. 70、 寻找关联的过程是一个认知与推理的过程.【期刊摘选】 71、 Therefore, the understanding and explanation about inference should be a cultural interpretation. 72、 所以, 对推类的理解与说明,应是文化的诠释.【期刊摘选】 73、 From his manner, we drew the inference that he was satisfied with the exam. 74、 我们从他的态度来推断,他对这次测验很满意.【《现代英汉综合大词典》】 75、 Quantitative technology means precision of spatial analysis, and It'substitute the obscure inference of traditional Geography. 76、 数量化技术意味着空间分析上的精确性, 取代了传统地理学的模糊化的推论.【期刊摘选】 77、 Monte Carlo method is used to sample geophysical model according to Bayesian inference. 78、 蒙特卡洛法就是根据贝叶斯理论来对地球模型采样的.【期刊摘选】 79、 In incorporation of negative rules is introduced into each positive rules of fuzzy inference system. 80、 将负规则引入到模糊控制器规则基中的每一条正规则,扩展了削减矢量的类型,使之不再局限于单位矢量.【期刊摘选】 81、 In this paper , a kind of generative approach CAPP based on knowledge inference is constructed. 82、 结合杭州叉车总厂HC—CAPP工程应用项目, 构造了一种基于知识推理的创成式CAPP专家系统模型.【期刊摘选】 83、 That is to say the model's hypothesis and inference exist in our sample. 84、 这说明,该模型的理论假设和结论在我们的样本范围内是存在的.【期刊摘选】 85、 The statistical inference is done for rate of the tourists to Xi � � an in 1997 and 1998. 86、 对1997年度及1998年度到西安日本游客流做了概率推断.【期刊摘选】 87、 An evolutionary inference can then be drawn.【2017年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文】 88、 You make further inferences, for instance, about how the test may be significant to you, or about its validity—inferences that form the basis of a personal response for which the author will inevitably be far less responsible.【出自-2015年考研阅读原文】 89、 But they show comprehension to consist not just passive assimilation but of active engagement inference and problem-solving.【出自-2015年考研阅读原文】 90、 But they show comprehension to consist not just of passive assimilation but of active engagement in inference and problem-solving.【2015年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ】

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