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1、 trick 2、 音标:英 [trɪk] 美 [trɪk] 3、 解释: 4、 n. 诡计;恶作剧;窍门;花招;骗局;欺诈 5、 vt. 欺骗;哄骗;装饰;打扮 6、 vi. 哄骗;戏弄 7、 adj. 特技的;欺诈的;有决窍的 8、 n. (Trick)人名;(英)特里克 9、 中文词源: 10、 trick 花招,把戏,戏法,窍门来自古法语 trichier,欺骗,诡计,来自拉丁语 tricari,逃避,回避,来自 tricae,琐碎,胡扯,混 乱,可能来自 PIE*ter,转,卷入,词源同 turn,intricate,extricate.引申词义花招,把戏等。 11、 英文词源: 12、 trick 13、 trick: [15] Trick comes from Old French trique, a variant of triche, which was derived from the verb trichier ‘cheat’ (source of English treachery). And this in turn probably came from Latin trīcarī ‘make difficulties, play tricks’ (source also of English extricate [17] and intricate [15]), a derivative of trīcae ‘difficulties, tricks’, whose origins are unknown. Tricky dates from the 18th century, its use for ‘difficult’ from the end of the 19th century. 14、 => extricate, intricate, treachery 15、 trick (n.) 16、 early 15c., "a cheat, a mean ruse," from Old North French trique "trick, deceit, treachery, cheating," from trikier "to deceive, to cheat," variant of Old French trichier "to cheat, trick, deceive," of uncertain origin, probably from Vulgar Latin *triccare, from Latin tricari "be evasive, shuffle," from tricæ "trifles, nonsense, a tangle of difficulties," of unknown origin. 17、 Meaning "a roguish prank" is recorded from 1580s; sense of "the art of doing something" is first attested 1610s. Meaning "prostitute's client" is first attested 1915; earlier it was U.S. slang for "a robbery" (1865). To do the trick "accomplish one's purpose" is from 1812; to miss a trick "fail to take advantage of opportunity" is from 1889; from 1872 in reference to playing the card-game of whist, which might be the original literal sense. Trick-or-treat is recorded from 1942. Trick question is from 1907. 18、 trick (v.) 19、 "deceive by trickery," 1590s, from trick (n.). Related: Tricked; tricking. The sense of "to dress, adorn" (c. 1500) is perhaps a different word entirely. 20、 双语例句: 21、 1. I don't think Mr Cavanagh would get far with that trick. 22、 我想卡瓦纳先生的那套把戏玩不了多久。 23、 来自柯林斯例句 24、 2. She is the victim of a big con trick. 25、 她是一场大骗局的受害者。 26、 来自柯林斯例句 27、 3. Love songs trick us into believing in knights in shining armor. 28、 情歌哄骗我们去相信有勇救美人的英雄。 29、 来自柯林斯例句 30、 4. Sometimes a few choice words will do the trick. 31、 有时说几句尖酸刻薄的话就有人听了。 32、 来自柯林斯例句 33、 5. It's an old trick but it just might work. 34、 这是个老掉牙的把戏了,不过也许会有用。 35、 来自柯林斯例句 36、 更多相关例句: 37、 They had to think of a trick to get past the guards. 38、 他们只好想出个计谋骗过岗哨。【牛津词典】 39、 The kids are always playing tricks on their teacher. 40、 孩子们经常耍些花招戏弄老师。【牛津词典】 41、 One of the problems of old age is that your memory can start to play tricks on you. 42、 老年人的问题之一是记忆可能紊乱起来。【牛津词典】 43、 Was there somebody standing there or was it a trick of the light ? 44、 是真的有人站在那儿还是光线引起的错觉?【牛津词典】 45、 He amused the kids with conjuring tricks. 46、 他变戏法逗得孩子们直乐。【牛津词典】 47、 a card trick 48、 纸牌戏法【牛津词典】 49、 The trick is to pick the animal up by the back of its neck. 50、 窍门在于抓住动物的后脖颈把它提起来。【牛津词典】 51、 He used the old trick of attacking in order to defend himself. 52、 他采用了以攻为守的老招数。【牛津词典】 53、 I won six tricks in a row. 54、 我接连赢了六墩牌。【牛津词典】 55、 I don't know what it was that did the trick, but I am definitely feeling much better. 56、 我不知道是什么起的作用,但是我确实觉得好多了。【牛津词典】 57、 He'll try every trick in the book to stop you from winning. 58、 他将使尽浑身解数阻止你取胜。【牛津词典】 59、 I'd been tricked and I felt stupid. 60、 我被人骗了,觉得自己真傻。【牛津词典】 61、 He managed to trick his way past the security guards. 62、 他想方设法骗过保安员走了。【牛津词典】 63、 He tricked me into lending him £100. 64、 他骗我借给了他100英镑。【牛津词典】 65、 She was tricked out of her life savings. 66、 她被骗走了一生的积蓄。【牛津词典】 67、 It was a trick question (= one to which the answer seems easy but actually is not) . 68、 那是个容易使人上当的问题。【牛津词典】 69、 It's all done using trick photography (= photography that uses clever techniques to show things that do not actually exist or are impossible) . 70、 这都是利用特技摄影产生的假象。【牛津词典】 71、 a trick knee 72、 膝软【牛津词典】 73、 We are playing a trick on a man who keeps bothering me. 74、 我们正在戏弄那个一直烦我的家伙。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 75、 Stephen is going to be pretty upset when he finds out how you tricked him... 76、 如果斯蒂芬发现你怎样欺骗了他,他会非常气愤。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 77、 His family tricked him into going to Pakistan, and once he was there, they took away his passport... 78、 家人骗他去了巴基斯坦,等到他一到那里,他们就拿走了他的护照。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 79、 He shows me card tricks. 80、 他表演纸牌戏法给我看。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 81、 Tiffany revamped her sitting room with simple decorative tricks. 82、 蒂法尼采用简单的装饰技巧将起居室翻新。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 83、 It is not just a little trick you can pick up in half an hour. 84、 这不是你半个小时就能学会的小窍门。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 85、 Sometimes a few choice words will do the trick. 86、 有时说几句尖酸刻薄的话就有人听了。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 87、 Companies are using every trick in the book to stay one step in front of their competitors. 88、 各公司想方设法地保持比竞争者领先一步的优势。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 89、 Her head appears to be on fire but that is only a trick of the light. 90、 她的头部看上去像是着火了,但那只是灯光造成的幻觉。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 91、 When it comes to integrating their transport systems, the French don't miss a trick. 92、 法国人从不放过任何整合其交通系统的机会。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 93、 To get you started, we have asked five successful writers to reveal some of the tricks of the trade. 94、 为了让你开始写作,我们邀请了 5 位成功作家向你透露一些写作秘诀。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 95、 I have no respect for my father who, having remarried, is still up to his old tricks. 96、 我对父亲没任何敬意,他已经再婚,却依然喜欢耍老把戏。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 97、 Verifone, the company that makes the store’s card reader would not confirm or deny that the plastic bag trick worked.【出自-2016年6月听力原文】 98、 Today’s shaky economy is likely to prduce m any more such tricks.【出自-2016年6月听力原文】 99、 Today, Americans are finding their own tips and tricks   for fixing malfunctioning devices with supplies as simple as paper and glue.【出自-2016年6月听力原文】 100、 It just does, said Mr.Azar who learned the trick from another clerk.【出自-2016年6月听力原文】 101、 In post-war Japan, the economy wasn’t doing so great, so you couldn’t get everyday-use items like household cleaners, says Lisa Katayama, author of Urawaza, a book named after the Japanese term for clever lifestyle tips and tricks, So people looked for ways to do with what they had.【出自-2016年6月听力原文】 102、 Azar who learned the trick from another clerk.【出自-2016年6月听力原文】 103、 These findings echo earlier research that suggests our perception of food can sometimes trick our body's response to the food itself.【出自-2013年12月阅读原文】 104、 Although it hardly seems practical to trick ourselves into eating less【出自-2013年12月阅读原文】 105、 Trick ourselves into eating less.【出自-2013年12月阅读原文】 106、 They can easily see through the businesses' tricks.【出自-2016年6月阅读原文】 107、 Or if reading or listening does a trick, maybe you feel like you're a verbal learner.【2019年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section C】 108、 The trick is to direct these funds better.【出自-2013年考研阅读原文】 109、 This is apparently the reason MacDonald's restricts the availability of its popular Mcrib - a marketing trick that has turned the pork sandwich into an object of obsession.【2014年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ】 110、 Turns out, according to Daniel Cook, a historian of childhood consumerism, it was popularised as a marketing trick by clothing manufacturers in the 1930s.【2012年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ】

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