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1、 pare 2、 音标:英 [peə] 美 [pɛr] 3、 解释: 4、 vt. 消减;削皮;剪;修掉(边等) 5、 n. (Pare)人名;(英)佩尔;(法)帕尔 6、 助记提示: 7、 1. 削(pare)梨(pear). 8、 2. par- "make ready, furnish, provide, arrange, order" => pare "trim to adorn or arrange or prepare". 9、 3. par- "make ready, furnish, provide, arrange, order" => prepare. 10、 中文词源: 11、 pare 削皮来自古法语parer,安排,准备,剪枝,使整洁,来自拉丁语parare,准备,提供,安排,装饰,来自PIE*pere,生产,带来,生育,来自*per,向前,词源同for,prepare,parent,appear.由该印欧语词根衍生诸多词义,甚至差异化很大。其中主要用于如下三种词义:生育,准备,出现。 12、 英文词源: 13、 pare (v.) 14、 "to trim by cutting close," c. 1300, from Old French parer "arrange, prepare; trim, adorn," and directly from Latin parare "make ready, prepare, furnish, provide, arrange, order; contrive, design, intend, resolve; procure, acquire, obtain, get; get with money, buy, purchase" (related to parere "produce, bring forth, give birth to"), from PIE *par-a-, suffixed form of root *pere- (1) "produce, procure, bring forward, bring forth," and derived words in diverse senses (cognates: Lithuanian pariu "to brood," Greek poris "calf, bull," Old High German farro, German Farre "bullock," Old English fearr "bull," Sanskrit prthukah "child, calf, young of an animal," Czech spratek "brat, urchin, premature calf"). Generalized meaning "to reduce something little by little" is from 1520s. Related: Pared; paring. 15、 双语例句: 16、 1. Pare the brown skin from the meat with a very sharp knife. 17、 用一把非常锋利的刀将褐色的皮从肉上剥去。 18、 来自柯林斯例句 19、 2. Local authorities must pare their budgets. 20、 地方政府必须削减预算。 21、 来自柯林斯例句 22、 3. First, pare the rind from the lemon. 23、 首先把柠檬皮剥掉。 24、 来自《权威词典》 25、 4. Pare off the rind from the orange using a sharp knife. 26、 用锋利的刀子削去橙子皮. 27、 来自《简明英汉词典》 28、 5. Pare the rind from the lemons. 29、 把柠檬皮剥掉. 30、 来自《简明英汉词典》 31、 更多相关例句: 32、 First, pare the rind from the lemon. 33、 首先把柠檬皮剥掉。【牛津词典】 34、 She pared the apple. 35、 她削了苹果。【牛津词典】 36、 The training budget has been pared back to a minimum. 37、 培训预算已被削减到最低限度。【牛津词典】 38、 The workforce has been pared to the bone (= reduced to the lowest possible level) . 39、 公司员工已被裁减到极限。【牛津词典】 40、 Pare the brown skin from the meat with a very sharp knife... 41、 用一把非常锋利的刀将褐色的皮从肉上剥去。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 42、 He took out a slab of cheese, pared off a slice and ate it hastily. 43、 他拿出一大块奶酪,切下一片,匆忙吃了。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 44、 The number of Ministries has been pared down by a third... 45、 部委的数量已经减少了1/3。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 46、 The luxury tax won't really do much to pare down the budget deficit... 47、 奢侈品税其实对削减预算赤字并不会有多少帮助。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 48、 You never pare the apple, sometimes even without washing. 49、 你吃苹果从来不削皮, 甚至不洗.【期刊摘选】 50、 The gains for mainland stocks helped Hong Kong pare an early decline. 51、 在内地股市上涨的带动下,香港股市的早盘跌幅有所收窄.【期刊摘选】 52、 A mode pare model of a geophone is presented with the emphasis on modes sli ding. 53、 提出了地震检波器的模态对模型,强调了模态的滑动,指出地震检波器面临的问题是模态对的滑动.【期刊摘选】 54、 Pare off the rind from the orange using a sharp knife. 55、 用锋利的刀子削去橙子皮.【《简明英汉词典》】 56、 So the turmoil won't end until these sectors pare down their debt. 57、 除非他们减少债务,否则混乱局面还是不会终止.【期刊摘选】 58、 To make this dish, pare the vegetables down into fine pieces, as they are eaten raw. 59、 做这个菜要把蔬菜切成细块, 因为它是生吃.【期刊摘选】 60、 The government was trying hard to pare down its expenses. 61、 政府正竭力削减开支.【辞典例句】 62、 Pare the rind from the lemons. 63、 把柠檬皮剥掉.【《简明英汉词典》】 64、 I've had the exertest time trying to a compromise with pare notnts over the issue. 65、 在这一疑难题目上我已是尽力艰辛,竭尽全力与爸妈达成妥协.【期刊摘选】 66、 You can becoming an excellent teacIT tutoring your pare notnts. 67、 教爸妈的过程中你会成了一名出色的教师.【期刊摘选】 68、 Write 10 sentences about your pare notnts. 69、 写10种表达介绍一下你的爸妈.【期刊摘选】 70、 Com pare the standard deviations from the two tests. 71、 比较两组测试值的标准偏差.【期刊摘选】 72、 Some pare notnts are notn't about juvenile delinquency. 73、 青少年和儿童的犯罪行为.【期刊摘选】 74、 I do not like to pare off the apple whenever I eat them. 75、 每当我吃苹果时,我不愿意把苹果皮削掉.【期刊摘选】 76、 With less money coming in, we had to pare down household expenses. 77、 收入减少了, 我们不得不紧缩家庭开支.【期刊摘选】 78、 I moved immediately after the election to pare down radically the size of the executive branch. 79、 大选后,我立即采取行动,大肆削减行政部门的人员.【辞典例句】 80、 To get at the fruit, you pare off the rather thick peel with a sharp knife. 81、 吃这种水果, 你要用刀将厚皮削掉.【期刊摘选】 82、 Jane makes less money now, so she had to pare down her expenses. 83、 珍现在赚钱比较少, 所以她必须减少花费.【期刊摘选】 84、 English learner 2 : All my relatives get together pare a delicious dinner and watch TV shows. 85、 英语学习者 2: 在我家,所有亲戚都会在一起聚餐,看春节晚会!【期刊摘选】 86、 Pare . 1 Stereotypes and misunderstandings about people from other cultures sometimes seem to be unavoidable. 87、 对于从其他文化环境中来的人,人们有时似乎不可避免地存有某种成见和误解.【期刊摘选】

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