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1、 parenting 2、 音标:英 ['peərəntɪŋ] 美 ['pɛrəntɪŋ] 3、 解释: 4、 n. 父母对子女的养育 5、 v. 教养(parent的ing形式);做…的父亲或母亲 6、 英文词源: 7、 parenting (n.) 8、 1959, verbal noun from parent (v.). An earlier term was parentcraft (1930); also see parentage. 9、 双语例句: 10、 1. Parenting is not fully valued by society. 11、 养儿育女没有得到社会的充分重视。 12、 来自柯林斯例句 13、 2. Parenting can be a stressful business. 14、 为人父母会是一件压力很大的事。 15、 来自柯林斯例句 16、 3. " Certainly it's not caused by bad parenting,'says Vinogradov. 17、 “ 精神分裂症肯定不是由不良的父母教育引起的.”维诺格拉多夫说. 18、 来自英汉非文学 - 生命科学 - 大脑与疾病 19、 4. Her theories on parenting and nurturing in carnivores have framed the debate. 20、 她在肉食动物界养育幼兽的理论成就非凡. 21、 来自电影对白 22、 5. The goal of parenting is to prevent the adolescent from making mistakes. 23、 教养的目的是防止青少年犯错. 24、 来自互联网 25、 更多相关例句: 26、 good/poor parenting 27、 教养有方 / 无方【牛津词典】 28、 parenting skills 29、 教养子女的技巧【牛津词典】 30、 Parenting is not fully valued by society. 31、 养儿育女没有得到社会的充分重视。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 32、 ...parenting classes. 33、 育儿课程【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 34、 Objective : To explore the difference of parenting style between Uygur Minority and Han Nationality. 35、 目的: 探查维吾尔族和汉族父母养育方式之间的差别.【期刊摘选】 36、 The goal of parenting is to prevent the adolescent from making mistakes. 37、 教养的目的是防止青少年犯错.【期刊摘选】 38、 We know through time that authoritarian parenting does not work. 39、 根据过去时间,我们知道担任权威式父母并不奏效.【期刊摘选】 40、 Attachment, parenting style and depression have been always very important topics field of psychology. 41、 依恋 、 父母教养方式和抑郁一直是心理学界比较重要的话题.【期刊摘选】 42、 One can also read parenting magazines, parenting books and articles to improve its parenting skills. 43、 也可以阅读一些育儿杂志, 育儿的书籍和文章以提高教育孩子的能力.【期刊摘选】 44、 Suggestions for counselors, parenting educators, and future studies are provided on the study results. 45、 研究者根据上述结果对谘商实务 、 亲职教育工作者, 及未来研究提出建议.【期刊摘选】 46、 Are you interested in hearing from experts about parenting, couples relationship, tax planning and estate planning? 47、 您有没有兴趣听取专家们对为人父母 、 夫妻关系 、 税务和遗产规划等方面的建议?【期刊摘选】 48、 Just about all of the babies who grace China's sleek parenting magazines are wearing diapers. 49、 甚至中国的母婴类杂志上那些漂亮的宝宝们也无一例外地带着一次性纸尿布.【期刊摘选】 50、 Traditional parenting roles are reversed for emperor penguins, which live only on the harsh Antarctic ice. 51、 动物的父亲图片.传统的父母对孩子的教育的角色是颠倒给皇帝企鹅, 生活只能在恶劣的南极冰盖.【期刊摘选】 52、 None of the researchers appear to have ventured into the home and dealt with parenting styles. 53、 这些研究者似乎谁都未敢讨论家庭问题,也没有讨论关于养育方式的问题.【期刊摘选】 54、 " Certainly it's not caused by bad parenting,'says Vinogradov. 55、 “ 精神分裂症肯定不是由不良的父母教育引起的.”维诺格拉多夫说.【英汉非文学 - 生命科学 - 大脑与疾病】 56、 Fear is in fact a major component of the act of parenting. 57、 恐惧在本质上是育儿行为的一个主要组成.【期刊摘选】 58、 For more information, see the ASRM Patient Fact Sheet titled Challenges of Parenting Multiples. 59、 要了解更多信息, 请看美国生殖医学会患者告知书‘多胎父母的挑战’.【期刊摘选】 60、 We also offer parents education to ease out the stress in the parenting process. 61、 我们也教导父母如何减低照顾子女的压力.【期刊摘选】 62、 The parenting books say the average newborn sleeps about 19 hours a day. 63、 育儿书籍说,一般的新生儿每天大概要睡上19个小时.【期刊摘选】 64、 There was canonical correlation relationship between parenting styles and children's goal orientation. 65、 国小高年级学童父母亲管教方式与学童之成就目标取向有典型相关存在.【期刊摘选】 66、 The ability to delay gratification , like most skills, correlates with socioeconomic status and parenting styles. 67、 自制力像大多数的技巧一样, 跟社会经济状况以及父母的教育方式有关.【期刊摘选】 68、 My wife too found herself almost overnight sharing the parenting of her children with someone new. 69、 我的妻子也发现自己几乎是一夜间就要与一个新来的人共同抚育自己的孩子.【期刊摘选】 70、 The fathering pattern is becoming an important part of the parenting pattern. 71、 父亲教养方式越来越成为父母教养方式中的重要组成部分.【期刊摘选】 72、 For this reason, unskilled parenting often continues into the next generation. 73、 因此, 这种不懂得与自己和他人相处的教育方法就一代代传递下去.【期刊摘选】 74、 Jugglers, what was the best and worst parenting advice you received? 75、 亲爱的读者们, 你们得到的最佳和最糟育儿建议是 什么 ?【期刊摘选】 76、 Fighting about parenting is only going to make the situation worse. 77、 和父母争吵只会让事情变得更糟.【期刊摘选】 78、 Objective : To study the relationship between attributional style and parenting in adolescents. 79、 目的: 研究青少年归因方式和父母教养方式之间的关系.【期刊摘选】 80、 Our parenting styles compliment each other. 81、 我们俩为人父母的风格是互补的.【期刊摘选】 82、 Parenting is not fully valued by society. 83、 养儿育女没有得到社会的充分重视。【柯林斯例句】 84、 There is no best parenting style or philosophy, researchers say, and across income groups, 92% of parents say they are doing a good job at raising their children.【出自-2017年6月阅读原文】 85、 Parenting approaches of working-class and affluent families both have advantages.【出自-2017年6月阅读原文】 86、 In the past decade, even as income inequality has grown, some of the socioeconomic differences in parenting, like reading to children and going to libraries, have narrowed.【出自-2017年6月阅读原文】 87、 American parents, whether rich or poor, have similar expectations of their children despite different ways of parenting.【出自-2017年6月阅读原文】 88、 To classify parenting as a personal choice for which there is no collective responsibility is not merely to ignore the social benefits of good parenting; really, it is to steal those benefits because they accrue (不断积累) to the whole of society as today's children become tomorrow's productive citizenry (公民).【出自-2010年6月阅读原文】 89、 Good parenting benefits society【出自-2010年6月阅读原文】 90、 Why does the author object to classifying parenting as a personal choice?【出自-2010年6月阅读原文】 91、 Mott survey found among the 56 percent of mothers and 34 percent of fathers who discussed parenting on social media, 72 percent of them said sharing made them feel less alone, and nearly as many said sharing helped them worry less and gave them advice fro【2018年12月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B】 92、 Investing time in parenting would bring a financial return.【2015年高考英语四川卷 阅读理解 阅读C 选项】 93、 Investing in time for parenting and raising relationships is money well spent.【2015年高考英语四川卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文】 94、 The findings challenge a key principle of modern parenting where schools except them to act as partners in their children's education.【2015年高考英语陕西卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文】 95、 A calm, rule-following child might respond better to a different sort of parenting than, for example, a younger sibling.【2020年考研真题(英语二)完形填空 Section Ⅰ】 96、 But defining what it means to be a good parent is undoubtedly very tricky, particularly since children respond differently to the same style of parenting.【2020年考研真题(英语二)完形填空 Section Ⅰ】 97、 Children of every age benefit from patient parenting.【2020年考研真题(英语二)完形填空 Section Ⅰ】

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