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1、 dust 2、 音标:英 [dʌst] 美 [dʌst] 3、 解释: 4、 n. 灰尘;尘埃;尘土 5、 vt. 撒;拂去灰尘 6、 vi. 拂去灰尘;化为粉末 7、 n. (Dust)人名;(德、俄)杜斯特 8、 助记提示: 9、 dust 都是土 10、 谐音“打扫它” 11、 中文词源: 12、 dust 尘土来自PIE*dheu, 烟雾,烟尘,昏暗,词源同dusk, dun. 13、 英文词源: 14、 dust 15、 dust: [OE] The notion ultimately underlying dust seems to be that of ‘smoke’ or ‘vapour’. It goes back to a prehistoric Indo-European base *dheu-, which also produced Latin fūmus and Sanskrit dhūma- ‘smoke’. A Germanic descendant of this, *dunstu-, picks up the idea of a cloud of fine particles being blown about like smoke, and is the basis of Norwegian dust ‘dust’ and duft ‘finely ground grain’, German duft ‘fragrance’ (from an earlier Middle High German tuft ‘vapour, dew’), and English dust. 16、 dust (n.) 17、 Old English dust, from Proto-Germanic *dunstaz (cognates: Old High German tunst "storm, breath," German Dunst "mist, vapor," Danish dyst "milldust," Dutch duist), from PIE *dheu- (1) "dust, smoke, vapor" (cognates: Sanskrit dhu- "shake," Latin fumus "smoke"). Meaning "that to which living matter decays" was in Old English, hence, figuratively, "mortal life." 18、 dust (v.) 19、 c. 1200, "to rise as dust;" later "to sprinkle with dust" (1590s) and "to rid of dust" (1560s); from dust (n.). Related: Dusted; dusting. Sense of "to kill" is U.S. slang first recorded 1938 (compare bite the dust under bite (v.)). 20、 双语例句: 21、 1. Lights reflected off dust-covered walls creating a ghostly luminescence. 22、 灯光照在满是灰尘的墙上,反射回苍白的冷光。 23、 来自柯林斯例句 24、 2. The powdery dust rose in a cloud around him. 25、 一团粉尘在他周围扬起。 26、 来自柯林斯例句 27、 3. In the last 30 years many cherished values have bitten the dust. 28、 在过去的30年中,许多珍贵的价值观已经消失殆尽。 29、 来自柯林斯例句 30、 4. Wind caught the sudden puff of dust and blew it inland. 31、 风猛地刮起一阵灰尘,将它吹往内陆。 32、 来自柯林斯例句 33、 5. Many of the machines are gathering dust in basements. 34、 许多机器尘封在地下室里。 35、 来自柯林斯例句 36、 更多相关例句: 37、 The books were all covered with dust. 38、 书上积满了灰尘。【牛津词典】 39、 There wasn't a speck of dust anywhere in the room. 40、 屋子里一尘不染。【牛津词典】 41、 That guitar's been sitting gathering dust (= not being used) for years now. 42、 那把吉他已尘封多年。【牛津词典】 43、 coal/gold dust 44、 煤 / 金粉【牛津词典】 45、 I broke the vase while I was dusting. 46、 我擦灰尘时将花瓶打碎了。【牛津词典】 47、 Could you dust the sitting room? 48、 你把起居室擦一擦好吗?【牛津词典】 49、 She dusted some ash from her sleeve. 50、 她掸去袖子上的灰末。【牛津词典】 51、 Dust the cake with sugar. 52、 把糖撒在蛋糕上。【牛津词典】 53、 Mel stood up and dusted herself down. 54、 梅尔站起来拍掉了身上的尘土。【牛津词典】 55、 (figurative)For the concert, he dusted off some of his old hits. 56、 为了这次音乐会,他重新捡起了他的一些曾红极一时的老歌。【牛津词典】 57、 The workers wear masks to avoid inhaling the dust. 58、 工人们戴着面罩避免吸入尘土。【牛津词典】 59、 A cloud of dust rose as the truck drove off. 60、 卡车开过时扬起一片灰尘。【牛津词典】 61、 The album is finally being released in October after gathering dust for over a year. 62、 尘封了一年多后,专辑终于在 10 月发行。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 63、 Many of the machines are gathering dust in basements... 64、 许多机器尘封在地下室里。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 65、 I think we need to let the dust settle and see what's going to happen after that. 66、 我认为我们需要等事态平息之后再看看会发生什么。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 67、 Once the dust had settled Beck defended his decision... 68、 事态一旦平息,贝克就为他的决定辩白。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 69、 The allegation has caused one lecturer's career to bite the dust. 70、 这项指控断送了一名讲师的前程。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 71、 In the last 30 years many cherished values have bitten the dust... 72、 在过去的 30 年中,许多珍贵的价值观已经消失殆尽。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 73、 Tanks raise huge trails of dust when they move... 74、 坦克开动时扬起大量尘土。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 75、 He reversed into the stockade in a cloud of dust. 76、 他在一阵尘土中将车倒进了围栏。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 77、 I could see a thick layer of dust on the stairs... 78、 我可以看见楼梯上有一层厚厚的灰尘。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 79、 The rooms were empty of furniture and dust lay everywhere. 80、 房间里没有家具,到处都是灰尘。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 81、 The air is so black with diesel fumes and coal dust, I can barely see. 82、 空气中充斥着柴油烟雾和煤尘粉末,黑乎乎的,我几乎什么都看不见。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 83、 I vacuumed and dusted the living room... 84、 我用吸尘器打扫了客厅,擦了擦灰尘。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 85、 She dusted, she cleaned, and she did the washing-up. 86、 她擦掉灰尘,打扫卫生,还清洗了餐具。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 87、 Lightly dust the fish with flour... 88、 在鱼上撒上少许面粉。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 89、 Dust and blend blusher on the apples of your cheeks... 90、 将胭脂调匀涂在你脸颊红润的地方。【柯林斯高阶英语词典】 91、 Without Mr Jobs to shower his star dust on the event, it felt like just another product launch from just another technology firm.【出自-2012年12月阅读原文】 92、 The furniture is covered with lots of dust.【出自-2014年6月听力原文】 93、 When the dust settled, the space dreamers lost out.【出自-2013年12月阅读原文】 94、 Why is it even interested in all those out-of-printlibrary books, most of which have been gathering dust on forgotten shelves for decades?【出自-2011年12月阅读原文】 95、 Because when the dust settles, people are going robe pretty much what they are.【2015年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section A】 96、 As the sun's rays pass through the dust kicked up by the horses, the romance of Africa comes to life.【2015年高考英语重庆卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文】 97、 Bruce Peterson says the idea is for people not to be selfish by keeping a book to gather dust on a shelf at home.【2016年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读C 原文】 98、 Children of keepers remember inspectors wearing white gloves to run their fingers over door frames and windowsills looking for dust.【2015年高考英语湖南卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文】 99、 The most pleasant thing of the rainy season is that one can be entirely dust.【2016年高考英语北京卷 单项选择 原文】 100、 Instead of casting a wistful glance backward at all the species we've left in the dust I.Q.-wise, it implicitly asks what the real costs of our own intelligence might be.【2009年考研真题(英语一)完形填空 Section Ⅰ】

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